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Botox Birmingham clinic in the Jewellery Quarter

Botox Birmingham

Our new Botox Clinic in Birmingham is now opened. It is located at Caroline Street, in the Jewellery Quarter just outside Birmingham City centre.

Our clinic is a centre of excellence providing cosmetic injections for every area of the face and body. In addition to our cosmetic injection treatments including Dermal Fillers and PRP. We have spent many years testing and researching various skin products and treatments to find the best solution and the best anti-aging results we possibly offer our patients and we have now found what we consider to be the best range, so we will also be providing Environ skin treatments and products. 

Laser hair removal.

We are exited too about our new laser technology, which will permantly reduce and prevent hair growth and allow us to treat not just normal hair growth but blonde hair as well. Our new customised laser will treat all skin types including tanned skin so your hair removal treatments can continue during the summer months when you have your tan. Amazingly, our laser treatments are painfree, quicker then ever before and full reduction can be achived in less sessions then ever before.

As an opening offer we have reduced laser hair removal prices by up to 70%.

We have already acheived Safe face accreditation in our new clinic which means the cosmetic industry regulator has tested and approved our practitioners, premisses and all our protocols and procedures. We hope you'll join us at the jewellery Quarter soon.


Free Treatment Consultations and reviews for Botox Birmingham.

A consultation is the most important part of the treatment process. Whether you are a seasoned Botox user or a first time patient for laser hair removal, the consultation provides all the information about the treatment you could possibly wish for, the benefits and the risks. The consultation examines your desires and your suitablity for treatment. It outlines realistic expectations for your treatment results and all of this is with no obligation on your part.

Free Treatment Review in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Botox injections can take up to 10 days to have optimal results and we always want you to have the perfect result. With this in mind we ask that you come back to see your Birmingham practitioner within this time frame and if further adjustments are needed we offer these free of charge. Its important to us that you are happy with your results of our Botox treatment.