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Anti Wrinkle treatment in Leamington Spa

There is no doubt that an anti wrinkle treatment is very much seen as part of a normal beauty routine by many people. In fact it has recently been reported that anti wrinkle injections are one of the most popular treatments with in the UK. But there are still millions of people who are just about to take that first step.

Anti Wrinkle in Leamington

Muscle relaxant injections have many uses both in a medical setting, for various treatments such as muscle spasms and in a cosmetic setting, even for some unusual uses such as underarm sweating. Most people understand that injections works on dynamic lines and wrinkles, these are lines and wrinkles that are caused by movement of muscles. For example when we smile, laugh or show our anger, we create movement by making our facial muscles contract, resulting in frown lines or laughter lines. In most cases once we stop-frowning for example, the lines go and at rest we have no lines or at least there is very little evidence of lines. In this case anti wrinkle treatment would be a great solution. Generally speaking, people only look to have muscle relaxant injections in these areas if the frown lines or laughter lines have become a problem to them. You know, if all you can see when you look in the mirror is a set of number elevens looking back at you, well then this creates a problem and that is when people generally start to consider muscle relaxant.  Of course once these frown lines are gone, the person regains confidence and gets that feel good factor that is associated with such treatments, which is well documented.

More and more younger people, in their late teens and early 20's are considering anti wrinkle injections as a "keep away" treatment for their frown lines. But consider the frown lines that have gone untreated, where the muscles have become so strong that even at rest these lines are visible. Muscle relaxant can definitely reduce these lines and soften them but in more cases then not a Dermal filler will have to be considered, either instead of muscle relaxant or as well as it.


Fillers leamington

Dermal Fillers in Leamington are provide on our normal clinic day as well as muscle relaxant treatments. the mail difference between muscle relaxant treatments and Filler treatments is that the relaxant targets lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement while the Filler is a naturally form gel which as you would expect fills in lines and wrinkles.

Another major difference between muscle relaxant and Fillers is that a filler in leamington will give imediate results whereas a relaxant injection will take several days to start working.

About Esqué Beauty Salon in Leamington Spa

Esqué is a multi-award winning beauty salon in Leamington, situated in the centre of Royal Leamington Spa.  Offering a great variety of treatments from massages to manicures, facials to muscle relaxant and fillers & slimming to skincare, we've been making clients feel fabulous and look gorgeous for well over a decade.
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