Why is anti wrinkle treatment so popular?

When thinking about anti-wrinkle treatments, many of our minds will fly straight to one solution: Botox.

anti wrinkle treatment in Coventry

anti wrinkle treatment at the Coventry Clinic

But why is that? Why is anti wrinkle treatment such a popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment?

Below are a few possible reasons why anti wrinkle treatment has become such a sought after treatment!

Doesn’t require anaesthetic

One of the great perks of anti wrinkle treatment is that the treatment doesn’t require anaesthetic, as the only thing the client will feel is the smallest prick of the needle.

Following the cleaning and disinfection of the skin, small needles are used to inject the muscle relaxant or dermal filler into the areas of the client’s face which require the most amount of attention.

Almost immediate results

The results following anti wrinkle injections can be visible anywhere between one to three days following injections. You can achieve your desired look in less than 72 hours and you bask in your skins’ new lease of life.

Smoother and younger skin

The production is widely used commercially for cosmetic, medical  and research purposes and also comes in two types, A and B.

Type A is widely used for medicine and cosmetic treatments.

It’s quick

Everyone seeks that quick fix for many of their ailments, and because anti wrinkle treatment is quick and non-surgical, it ultimately makes clients feel more refreshed! Anti wrinkle injections can take 15 minutes to administer however, this does depend on how many wrinkles the client wants treated.

Makeup can be worn straight away

Makeup can be applied straight away following treatment, however clients should be wary not to apply too much pressure on the area of treatment.

It’s semi-permanent

The effect of anti wrinkle treatment will not last forever, so even if you’re tempted to try out the treatment, you know that the effect will not be permanent. So, what’s stopping you!

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