Underage Botox and Fillers

Today’s internet is full of the underage Botox case reported by one of the national newspapers where undercover girls aged under 16 sought and were offered treatment for Botox and fillers in aesthetics clinics across the West Midlands. Initially on reading the articles, one’s initial thoughts were shameless, ruthless clinics just looking for a quick book with no concern for the people involved. However, after some heated discussion with teenagers, mothers and friends there seems to be possible circumstances where teenagers may be offered various forms of aesthetic treatment.
Don’t know what you would think?
Should treatment be offered for acne, acne scarring and other skin conditions to under 18’s?
One lady spoke of her daughter’s despair with her upper lip quoting “every time i look in the mirror, i hate myself”.

I think we all agree that for a 15 or 16 year old girl, looks and image are so important. They spend ages on makeup, must have the latest clothes. So is it no wonder that they would look into the aesthetics world in order to improve their tiny imperfections? Definitely a 15 or 16 year old would have no need for a Botox treatment, and i would find it very difficult to believe that a facial filler or dermal filler would be in any way appropriate. But perhaps there are some elements of aesthetic treatments from which they could benefit from. I recently heard of a case where the opposite was presented to a practitioner – in this case the mother was insisting the young girl had permanent makeup to her eyebrows, but during consultation it was revealed that the teenager in question was prepared to have the procedure purely for the mother’s benefit and not her own. In this case, of course i understand that treatment was refused.

It would therefore seem that aesthetic treatments for teenagers below 18, may not be an open and closed case. Would love to hear your thoughts!