Painless Laser Hair Removal!

16th April 2016Beauty Treatments Standard

We recently read this article by the Telegraph talking about famous author Marian Keyes’ risky experience with laser hair removal. After applying too much numbing cream that she bought online, she almost risked death as it entered her blood stream in such a large dose.

She was undergoing laser hair removal which she found to be very painful, and needed the numbing cream to be able to bare the pain of treatment! Old laser technologies caused a stinging and pinching sensation on to the area being treated. However new laser technologies are actually very comfortable with very mild discomfort.

Our laser hair removal technology

In our Jewellery Quarter clinic, we have the latest laser technology, and our clients are amazed at how fast and pain-free it is! There’s no need to buy numbing cream when coming to a treatment with us.

Our clients have been thrilled so far with the ease and comfort of treatment, and some can’t believe how different it feels to older lasers.

If you would like to try our laser for yourself, then book in for a free consultation and patch test today by calling freephone mobile 0333 577 3734 or email us on

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