How important is price when considering Botox?

3rd March 2017Beauty Treatments Standard

Without a doubt the first question customers ask about Botox is “how much?”

So at first glance price would seem to be hugely important. Thankfully when it comes to Botox prices we have nothing to worry about with prices starting at £99. We think we are, if not the most competitive, then at least one of the most competitive clinics in the UK.

Botox prices generally start at £250 for one area, the nearest competitor on the internet we could find was £150. But is price just the first thing people look at, and if so, what else do new customers look for in a clinic. After all, it’s your face, and I don’t believe people will put their face in the hands of a practitioner based purely on the fact that they are the cheapest.

Here’s a list of some other considerations which will help you in choosing the best clinic to provide your treatments:
Practitioner qualifications – are they medically qualified?
Practitioner experience – Are they just starting out, or do they practice part time? ( these practitioners usually offer very cheap treatments, but you are their guinea pigs. You need a practitioner with several years of experience, someone who works in a clinic setting full time. Ask how many treatments they do in a day.
Is the clinic registered and regulated? Botox can be done by anyone, only those who are totally legit will be registered and allow themselves to be inspected by Save Face.
Is the person doing your treatment a medical prescriber? When having Botox it needs to be prescribed on each occasion by the person doing the treatment.
– Also, and god forbid, but if things do not go as planned, has the clinic got the organisation, experience and resources to manage any complications.

If you need any other advice on Botox, please get in contact as we would love to help. We could even organise a free consultation for you with one of our experienced medical prescribers where we can answer all your questions.

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