Fillers in Coventry

Fillers in Coventry at Tinkable Beauty clinic

Facial Fillers in Coventry, at Tinkable Clinics.

At Tinkable we provide Dermal fillers in Coventry which helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and can also be used to add volume to the face. Our nurse practitioners in Coventry want to provide you with the best treatment possible. This is why they stay up-to-date with product training and is also why they chose to be Save Face accredited. Save Face are an independent regulator who ensure that the clinic, and the nurses, are working safely. So you can be sure you are in safe hands when having treatment with us!

Our prices start from £169 for 0.5ml, and the price really depends on how much filler you want and which product you choose. If you’re unsure about this, then we offer the perfect solution. We always offer our clients free consultations as we believe it is the best way to find out everything you need to know! It gives you a specific price, as well as all the treatment information you could need.

Furthermore, we offer a free review after treatment. This makes sure that you are completely satisfied with your results!

Sometimes people find it difficult to work out if they need Botox or Filler. If your lines are present only when your face is animated such as frowning, then it is Botox you need to stop the muscle from forming the line. Whereas if your lines are present without animation then you would probably need fillers in Coventry clinic.

If you have any questions about fillers in Coventry, or would like to arrange a free consultation, then fill out the form below and leave a message.

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