Considering Botox in Birmingham?

Are you self-conscious of your wrinkles? Do your frown lines affect your confidence? At Tinkable we want to make you feel good and our Botox treatments may be the confidence boost you need to feel good again! Based in Birmingham our Tinkable clinics are friendly, safe and welcoming.

Take a look at some of our clients’ before and after photos!

This is the client before her botox treatment.

This is the client before her Botox treatment in Birmingham.

This is the client after having her botox. Her frown lines have significantly reduced.

This is the client after having her treatment with Tinkable.

In both of these photos our client is frowning as hard as she can. After visiting one of our Birmingham clinics you can see that the Botox treatment has made her frown lines less visible which has made her look and feel younger!

Before Botox Treatment After Botox Treatment

Here is another example of a client who visited one of our Birmingham clinics. The Botox session has helped to smooth out her facial lines and helped her to feel more self-confident! We receive lots of 5 star reviews from happy clients who have had Botox treatment and are pleased with their results! You will also have the opportunity for a review at one of the Birmingham clinics after your treatment, to ensure you are completely satisfied!

So do you want to improve your confidence and smooth out some of your facial lines just like our clients above have? Imagine what Botox could do for you! If you’re still unsure Tinkable offer free consultations to give you peace of mind that you are choosing the best possible option for yourself!

Call us to book an appointment in Birmingham today on 0333 577 3734 or visit our website if you want to find out more information about our Botox treatment!

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