Botox in your 20s!

BOTOX , YES or NO and in your 20s?

We recently read an article on Refinery29 that talked about Botox in your 20s, and we thought we would talk about it too!

Botox. Should you, or shouldn’t you? Everyone’s got an opinion on it. The newspapers still love to point the finger of judgement at any famous woman who appears to be defying time, just as much as they love to decry those who dare to leave their lines and wrinkles untouched.
Botox gets a hard time. But when you ask aesthetic practitioners or clinic owners what the most popular treatment on their menu is they pretty much unanimously say Botox. It gets unrivalled results when it comes to smoothing out frown lines and wrinkles on the forehead and crows feet around the eyes. It’s widely-considered safe –particularly if the clinic is accredited by Save Face. A study published in 2014 in U.S. medical journal JAMA Dermatology found an average of one negative side effect for every 3,333 Botox procedures. Plus, because it’s a prescription-only medicine, it’s more tightly regulated than, say, dermal fillers or laser treatments. Unless of course do don’t do your homework and go for the cheapest as opposed to reputable.
But is spending a few hundred pounds on injections to make wrinkles disappear when you’re in your 20s pointless, or good skin sense? And more importantly, is it, eventually, going to make you look worse?

If you have brand new shiny car, you take it to the car wash on a regular basis and get it serviced so in ten years time you still have a lovely shiny car that runs like new. same for your skin, isn’t it?
The reality is that most people in their 20s don’t have frown lines or crows feet, so in these cases it may well be a waste of time and money. But at the first signs, an early approach may well stop the muscles responsible for creating frown lines from becoming more active and stronger, seems to make sense.
What age you are when you start to get lines and wrinkles is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question; everyone’s skin ages at different rates and it depends on your skin type, race, genetics and lifestyle. A 20 or 30 year old who smokes and uses sun beds will definitely need intervention much sooner than those of similar years who look after their skin.“You have to treat what you see in front of you, not the patient’s age,” says Dr Sarah Tonks, from Omniya clinic in Knightsbridge. She says that if you’ve got a “hyper mobile” face (that’s lots of smiling, frowning, raised eyebrows and WTF faces) she’d consider treating in the 20s to stave off lines and wrinkles. “But, if they don’t have anything, and they don’t have hyper mobile muscles, then there’s no point in doing it,” she adds.
Karen McCormack and Denise Gardner from Tinkable both agree that they would consult someone with a hyperactive face with Botox earlier but others in the Tinkable say that your expression lines are part of who you are, and not necessarily something you should try to hide.
I suppose it boils down to this:
How early you develop lines and wrinkles.
How concerned you are about them.
But we haven’t answered the question.
If a 20 year old has Botox are they preventing frown lines from appearing?
Clinical studies show that, and Botox is medically proven to stop these muscles from creating frown lines so yes Botox will prevent them. But what we don’t know is, will this particular 20 year old develop frown lines at all?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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