Botox in Leamington Spa: Client Interview

before and after botox

Top photo shows frown lines appearing before treatment. Bottom photo shows no frown lines, eyes much more open and this is when the lady is at full frown effort.


This interview is with our client Sarah, 44 years old in Leamington. She has been having Botox for the last six years at Tinkable Leamington. We wanted to find out about her experiences and see what advice she would give to someone considering Botox treatment for the first time in Leamington Spa.

What research did you do on Botox?

Well, I did the usual searches on the internet and watched which names of clinics were more prominent than others. I quickly realised that the most prominent names were appearing mostly because they were paying to be first on web pages and this kind of defeated the purpose for me. I was then taken in by a Sunday paper, who ran an article. It was all about how to pick your practitioner and how to pick your clinic for your Botox treatment. When I look back, I should have made a serious complaint because as time went by I learnt, they got it so wrong.

Tell us about this article!

I remember the advice about picking a botox practitioner was to look at where they did their training and they suggested that training in somewhere like Harley Street would be the cream of the crop. They suggested too that the better clinics will charge more for treatment and this is a measure of how good the practitioners will be at that clinic in providing botox treatment. I also remember they suggested that a national chain would offer more comfort than a smaller clinic in a local town. I can tell you now that all of these suggestions were so wrong. Harley Street training I later found out could be as short as a half day to be certified in Botox, I actually spoke to a Doctor friend of mine, not too long ago, who told me he never actually held a syringe on his training which was also somewhere in London. My first treatment was with a national chain and although I was happy enough with the result the whole experience was shocking. I went only concerned about my frown lines and they did such a hard sell, that I swore I would never return. I got several follow up calls from them afterwards, even when I told them they were harassing me, they still chased me by phone and e-mails.

Crows feet before and after

Top photo shows laughter lines and crows feet when smiling. Bottom photo shows the effects of Botox eliminating crows feet, lifting the eyebrow and opening the eye area.

So, what advice would you give a first time Botox user in Leamington?

It’s easy, go for the practitioner and not the clinic. Forget the big plush building with heavy piled carpets or whatever. What you should research is the practitioner. Don’t go for how many letters they have behind their name. Go for how many people they have treated with Botox. How many years have they been doing this, how many people do they see a day for Botox. I mean a surgeon doing Botox at first glimpse would seem to be a sure bet, but if they have only treated a few people or treat a handful of botox people each week or each month then, my advice is to stay away. Stay away too from the newly trained practitioner who offers ridiculous cheap prices because they are using you to learn and gain experience. They are using you as a guinea pig. Get recommendations from friends or ask the practitioner to show testimonials and before and afters, like on the Tinkable web page.

Where do you have treatment now?

I see Rachel Fox in Esque Leamington. She’s with Tinkable, I was recommended to her and when I first met her I was very fearful. She put me right at ease and I could see she was a seasoned professional. I remember I talked so much on my first visit to the Leamington clinic she could hardly get a word in, any fears or doubts I had about how good she was soon went when she went to take my before photo and I caught a view of the thousands and thousands of photos on her phone  of previous Botox clients from Leamington. It was like a sea of tiny little faces looking back at me. Rachel and I are good friends now and I wouldn’t let anyone else near me. I trust her completely and have sent a lot of my friends to her and they all have exactly the same experience as I do. I book well in advance with Rachel, just to be sure she has a space for me.

Is Botox more popular now?

mmm…. Maybe, probably about 50 to 60% agree. Its better than any facial and although I don’t hide the fact I have Botox, I still don’t advertise the fact. I mean, I didn’t let you put any photos on this page or use my surname, so, I’m not too sure if that is true.

Thank you Sarah!

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