Botox for crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are most prominent around the eye area when the muscles are worked from laughing, squinting and smiling.

Crows feet before and after

Crows Feet before and after

Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections work to relax those muscles so they do not contract.

Botox works by blocking the chemical signal that travels from the nerves to the muscles. The treatment is so sought out because it does not involve going under the knife to achieve the desired look, not only that, but Botox injections take only a few minutes to perform.

The procedure of treating crow’s feet is similar to many other areas Botox is used for. Injections will be placed into specific muscles around the eyes to minimise the appearance of the crow’s feet.

It is common for patients to feel a little discomfort on such a delicate area.

After the procedure, the effects should last for a month or so and will minimise the prominence of the crow’s feet significantly.

Botox is a brilliant solution for the fine lines around your eyes to help you achieve that youthful appearance.

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