Battling frown lines with Botox Birmingham!

Botox Birmingham:

Considering Botox? You’re not alone. It is the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed across many parts of the globe.

It is quite simple to understand why so many individuals are choosing Botox to get rid of unwanted, prominent lines around their eyes and on other areas of the face which are visible signs of the skin ageing.

Frown lines are the problem area of forehead wrinkles – these can be the most frustrating signs of ageing. The indentations can go across the forehead and/or between the eyebrows and are a result of the facial muscles interacting with skin that has been damaged by the sun.

Actually, many wrinkles are a result of the sun’s damage on our skin, which can come through the windows whilst working, driving, or sitting by a window as well as being outside. Thus why it is advised to wear sunscreen every day as the sun breaks down the collagen and elastin of the skin, inevitably lead to thinning skin that will not be able to remain taught and smooth over time. Of course, if you possess an extremely emotive face by smiling or frowning a lot, forehead lines can be more pronounced.

Botox is a relatively fast and simple way for significantly reducing the appearance of frown lines, dramatic results often appearing within the week of the treatment and lasting for up to four months.

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