Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Coventry

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Coventry

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Coventry, at Tinkable.

Our nurse practitioners Rachel and Denise regularly visit mobile clinics to provide anti wrinkle treatment in Coventry for clients. They have both been accredited by Save Face, an independent regulator, which means they work safely and to a high standard.

Muscle relaxant can be used to treat lines such as forehead frown lines, crow’s feet and the number 11 lines between the eyebrows. Sometimes it is hard for new clients to know whether they need filler or muscle relaxant before booking in for a consultation. If your lines are caused by muscle activity and are visible when animated such as frowning then this is usually treated by Botox.

We offer free consultations to ensure that you know everything you need to before having your anti wrinkle treatment in Coventry. The nurse practitioner can help you to choose the right anti wrinkle treatment in Coventry product for you and also the right amount needed. This will give you a specific price and mean you can easily make your treatment decision. There is also no obligation to have treatment after your consultation.

If you decide to go ahead with anti wrinkle treatment in Coventry then we offer a free review two weeks after treatment. Our nurses want to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results!

Interested in having a free muscle relaxant consultation? You can ring us on freephone mobile 0333 577 3734 or send us an email with your enquiry to

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