Ageing eyes: treatments

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and, unfortunately, begins to sag and wrinkle.

There are certain areas of the face that are affected more than other areas throughout the ageing process, especially around the eye area where the skin is thinner. As this area is particularly fragile, effects from the sun, time and stress take its toll on this area first.

Below, we will be discussing how the eyes age and what can be done to treat certain areas.

Wrinkles and furrows – Anything from crow’s feet to deep lines and everything in between, a muscle relaxing injection such as Botox can be an efficient solution.

Drooping/hooded lids – The entire eye area thins with ageing meaning your eyelids will sag and result in you looking older and tired. This can be dealt with by injecting Botox into the area where crow’s feet becomes apparent.

Hollows under the eye – Hollow areas under the eyes are places where fat has been lost. To rectify this, there are filler injections available to plump and bright the areas.

Dark circles – ┬áDark circles under the eyes are frequently the result of thin skin, genes, a buildup of blood or a cluster of veins. A solution could be filler injections that thicken the skin and minimise any discolouration.

Botox can prove to be the solution to the majority of problem areas that present themselves with ageing eyes.

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