5 Benefits of PRP Therapy

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Therapy

PRR is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles using your own growth factors to encourage new collagen growth. This helps to improve the appearance of your skin making you look more youthful.

PRP Therapy with Tinkable

PRP Therapy at Tinkable

1. PRP Therapy can be used for close work around your eye area – unlike Botox and Fillers, PRP can even be used on your eyelid and for the fine lines around all of your eye area.

2. PRP consists of only three sessions – You will have three sessions with six weeks in between each and then your results should last you twelve months!

3. PRP Therapy isn’t time consuming – a session lasts around an hour and no downtime is needed after treatment.

4. Low risk treatment – PRP Therapy is non-surgical, and the growth factors being injected are from your body, therefore they are not likely to be rejected as foreign.

5. Visible results – At Tinkable we spin blood twice in our centrifuge machine unlike most other companies who only spin once. Therefore, the second spin provides you with a richer concentrate of growth cells to give you even better results!

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