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Cosmetic Beauty Stourbridge

Tinkable is first of all a cosmetic treatment clinic but we also understand that in the busy life that we all now lead we need to take some short cuts to catch up with the rest of our lives that's why we offer not only Botox and Fillers but beauty treatments also at Stourbridge; why not treat yourself to one of our fantastic beauty treatments.

Beauty Treatments Salon in Stourbridge.

Tinkable offer everything you need and could possibly want from a Cosmetic Beauty Salon in Stourbridge. With our discreet entry to the first floor our beauty treatments provide both pampering and more progressive beauty treatments, that make the difference for you. Our qualified therapists are experienced and highly trained in numerous beauty treatments and protocols, from derma planing, Micro-dermabrasion, (RF) which is Radio Frequency for skin tone and facial contouring, to laser facial rejuvenation and the removal of veins. Our nurses also get involved with our beauty treatments in Stourbridge and offer Wart, Skin tag and Mole removal as well as taking care of Milea and problematic skin conditions such as Acne. 

Hair Removal Stourbridge.

As well as the normal waxing and usual means for hair removal here at our salon in Stourbridge we have been offering Laser Hair Removal since 2005 with excellent results and great feedback from our clients. The most popular areas for hair removal with laser are upper lip and chin, underarms, bikini, bikini extended and of course facial hair removal. Laser hair removal will offer permanent hair reduction usually within 2-8 sessions. Laser hair removal sessions are performed 4-6 weeks apart and a recent survey showed that Tinkable prices for laser hair removal to be the cheapest in Stourbridge. Take a look at our Laser hair pages for our clinics in Stourbridge and Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Dermaroller at our Beauty clinic

Dermaroller is one of the newer treatments, designed to encourage and create your own collagen. We also offer this at our beauty clinic. It consists of a small roller full of small needles which, after the face has been numbered, is rolled all over the face in different directions, to create a minor trauma to the skin. The needles are designed to go down to the Epidermis layer of the face so the injury is deep, hence you will create new collagen to heal the injury. Over a period of 2-4 weeks, your skin will look brighter and feel fresher. A course of 3 treatments is recommended, 6 weeks apart.

Environ Beauty Treatments in Stourbridge

We recommend getting the Environ starter kit as the products are full of vitamin A, C and antioxidants that will help to keep your skin in good condition.The products assist in rejuvenating, thickening the skin, stimulating blood circulation, increasing cell turnover for dead skin and locking in moisture. If you want to find out more about the Environ treatments then click to go to our Environ Treatments page.


Cosmetic Beauty Stourbridge


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