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Team - Rachel Fox

Nurse Prescriber

"Rachel treats everyone as an individual. She really takes time to listen to your concerns and study your face. Her skill and experience enable her to fully understand the issue, but more importantly how to get the very best results. I can honestly say that I would not go anywhere else, as I have the utmost faith in Rachel's expertise".

"Rachel always takes time to listen and give good advice. I would not go anywhere else".

"Rachel is lovely and always has time for you".

Rachel Fox Nurse PrescriberHaving qualified as an RGN in 1997, after consolidating knowledge and skill within acute medicine I turned my attentions to the cosmetic surgery side of nursing, where my interest in aesthetics began. In 2004 myself and partner set up Tinkable... The rest is history.

Why did you come into the aesthetic industry?

If I'm totally honest I thought it would be a 9-5 which would fit in with the children how wrong could I have been !!


I now work to the needs of my clients and their commitments when and where possible, and they know I will more often than not go out of my way to accommodate them.

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