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Team - Jackie Rudge

I qualified as an RGN in Scotland in 1978 and updated my training in 2006 with a diploma in plastics acute care which I obtained while working in the cosmetic clinics alongside plastic surgeons at Little Aston hospital previously (BUPA). The experience I gained in the cosmetic field led me to obtaining in 2009 a graduate diploma in Aesthetic medicine from the Greenwich University.

I have been working as an aesthetic nurse practitioner for the past 8 years and my main aim is to provide treatments that are safe and effective. I believe that confidence can be improved in certain people by giving nature a helping hand to partially reverse the aging process and restore lost volume and improve skin health using evidence based products and having realistic expectations as to what can be achieved.

I will always advise to keep looking as natural and healthy as possible and this can be achieved by thorough consultation and a long term plan including lifestyle changes especially sun care and diet.

I have been told I have an artistic eye for balance and beauty, having this skill helps me to achieve the desired look in most clients and fires my passion to help others feel and look their best.

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