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Our medical practitioners have the highest qualifications, are very experienced and use only the latest techniques.




Team - Dr Martyn King & Sharon King RN NIP

Dr Martyn King and Sharon King RN NIP are the directors of Cosmedic Skin Clinic, Cosmedic Training Academy and Cosmedic Pharmacy.

They both have over 10 years experience in aesthetics and are recognised experts in the field of cosmetic medicine, national and international accredited trainers and regular conference speakers and published authors.

Sharon is a board member of the BACN and Martyn is a member of the BCAM and board member of the BAS and the current Chair for Save Face.

They have worked with several leading cosmetic companies and undertake training, workshops, seminars and pilot studies for new technologies on their behalf.

Sharon and Martyn are both members of and authors for the Aesthetic complications expert group which promotes best practice and safety standards for practitioners working in aesthetic practice.

Sharon received the Aesthetic Nurse of the year award 2013/14 and was an award winner at the British Journal of Nursing awards 2014.