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My Concerns - Jowls, Double Chins

Sculpting and Reshaping Jowls and Double Chins

The best option for the removal of excess fat from the jowl and under the chin area ia Radio Frequency. A course of four treatments, one each week for four weeks with optimal results visable 3-4 months after the last treatment.

In our youth and as evident in our photographs taking when we where in our early twenties or even our teens, our faces always had an inverted triangle look.

For example the temples and cheek area where always noticeably wider then the jaw area and our chins formed the point of the inverted triangle. Over time and with age the jaws become jowls and the chin becomes chins and in short destroy our inverted triangle. Usually people with jowls and or double chins have good volume in the upper face so reducing the jowls and or the chins can have an amazing impact on restoring our looks. The Radio frequency treatments target these areas with incredible results and are low cost.