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My Concerns - Cellulite


The accent / Radio frequency (RF) medical device is clinically tested and F.D.A. approved to provide the following:


  • The reduction of facial fat (double chins, Jowls ).
  • The tightening and smoothing of skin.
  • A direct increase in the production of collagen. ( Lifting and Volumise-ing )

Most popular areas treated are.

  • Upper face for the increase and restoration of volume and lift.
  • Eye area for the reduction of wrinkles and tightening of the skin.
  • Lower face for the reduction of Jowls and double chins.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Loose or sagging skin around tummy after pregnancy or liposuction, or rapid weight loss.
  • Areas of cellulite, which have proven resistant to exercise and or diet.
  • Areas or pockets of stubborn fat which have proven resistant to other methods of removal.

Accent results are achieved through radio frequency heating of specific tissue types below the skin such as fat tissue and has a dissolving effect on fat cells. The other form of tissue targeted, by RF is collagen production. The heat of the RF stimulates your own collagen re-growth.

Accent radio frequency treatments are comfortable and suitable for all areas of body and face.

Tinkable highly recommend accent radio frequency treatments for the face and results have been excellent, however we must stress that the accent radio frequency treatments are not to be seen as a method of weight loss. They will tone, tighten and lift areas that need toning, lifting and tightening and reduce small areas of stubborn fat that have proven resistant to exercise and or diet.

Below is our video diary for Accent radio frequency treatments. ( week 1 and 2 )




Even the most hardened exercisers and dieters can suffer the appearance of the orange peel type effects of cellulite.

Yes, we've all spent a small fortune on creams and massage rollers over many years to combat cellulite, with little or no effect.

However medical technology has improved and Tinkable can offer a number of non-surgical solutions to this age old problem.

The accent RF can combat cellulite in two ways, by tightening the skin and stimulating your own collagen production combined with specific radio waves targeted at the adipose tissue in-order to release trapped fat from hardened fat cell walls.

In some cases treatment may be improved by the introduction of microdermabrasion,

And/or medical skin needling through the Dermaroller