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The Importance of Consultation

No Cosmetic Treatment should ever take place without a full consultation prior to any treatment being undertaken or performed.

Tinkable invite all new clients to attend a Free No Obligation Consultation during which a full global assessment will be made and previous medical history discussed in order to assess client suitability for treatment and to discuss the best course of treatment.

New and prospective clients are required to fill out a brief questionnaire as certain medical conditions preclude the use of botulinum toxins such as Botox; in which instance we can usually offer an alternative solution.

Clients are under no obligation to book treatments afterwards and in fact recent statistics from Allergan the manufacturer of Botox report that it is not uncommon for there to be a 10 year process between, people first considering a Botox or Filler treatment to the time they attend an appointment.

Who will be at the consultation?


Unlike some clinics who leave the consultation process in the hands of admin staff, our assessments are always undertaken by Nurse Practitioners all of whom have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with the client so that everything is understood. Here at Tinkable, we often spend more time on the consultation than we do on the treatment as it is an opportunity for both Clinic Practitioner and Client to gather vital information about each other.

What to expect at a Consultation


Considering the importance of the consultation, it is worth knowing what you should expect. There are minimum industry standards expected and we are proud to say that more than meet these; which has led to our accreditation by Save Face which means that we have been visited and assessed by them on every aspect of our practice. We take pride in what we do, so please excuse us for blowing our own trumpet once in a while. You may like to read more about it http://www.saveface.co.uk/patient-charter-page/

Note: Botox and Facial Filler consultations both take a similar format


Welcome:You will be welcomed and given a full introduction to the clinic and the practitioner who will be dealing with you. This will be an opportunity for them to tell you about themselves, their qualifications and experience and any other credentials that they have. This is their opportunity to let you know how good they are!

Your turn to tell us about you: You will be invited to tell us a bit about yourself and to explain your reason for considering treatment. It will give you an opportunity to discuss areas that be treated and what your expected outcome is.

Full Aesthetic Assessment: The Clinical Practitioner will then make a full aesthetic assessment of the areas of concern and will talk through the suggested treatments and products that they recommend.

We will always be realistic about the results you can achieve and will explain the solutions, talk about timescales and costs. Whilst most of the procedures we offer involve creams and potions or Botox and or Dermal Fillers; sometimes it may be relevant to suggest a cosmetic surgery solution. We will always give you honest well informed information that will help you to choose the treatment that is best for you.

It's all in the Detail | Warts and All: The practitioner will discuss any and all treatments or product suggested in order to make you aware of not only of the likely result but also of possible side effects, contraindications and worse case scenarios.

Assessment of Medical Suitability:It is important that medical suitability is taken into account as some conditions preclude the use of botulinum toxins. A medical history questionnaire will ask about current medication or treatment you may be receiving and anatomy will be taken into consideration in term of muscle activity, asymmetries, and disproportionate features and so on. At this point you will be required to sign a medical history form which will be explained in detail before signature.

No Hard Sell: This is a "No Obligation" Consultation and there will be no pressure put upon you to sign up for any treatments. You will be encouraged to take the information with you for careful consideration. We are confident that when you leave the consultation you will be in possession all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you want to have cosmetic treatments and which ones you want to opt for.

Aftercare: Should you opt to have cosmetic treatments at Tinkable; rest assured that all aspects of aftercare will be presented to you before any treatment and we have procedures in place and points of contact outside of normal clinic hours.

Finally we hope this information has been useful for you and we hope to be your Medical Beauty Clinic of choice. Should you require any further information or want to make an appointment with us please follow one of the links below.