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Welcome to Tinkable,

Welcome to Tinkable cosmetic treatment clinics - with clinics in Stourbridge, Enville and throughout the West Midlands, we specialise in Juvederm, facial fillers and toxins for full face enhancement including, the reduction of lines and wrinkles.

We are an award winning provider of medical beauty treatments and accredited with Save Fave the cosmetic industry regulator.

Our vastly experienced and highly qualified medical practitioners offer toxin and filler clinics in Stourbridge, Enville, Birmingham, Coventry, Worcester, Walsall and many other cities in the West Midlands.

We offer non-surgical treatments from muscle relaxants for frown lines and crows feet to Platelet Rich Plasma therapies. (PRP). We have specialist expertise in the latest techniques for the administration of facial fillers such as the longer lasting, Juvederm with its Vycross characteristics and properties, and  our Sculptra© collagen replacement therapy with the use of cannula and we also provide several other aesthetic treatments such as laser hair removal,  facial rejuvenation, and semi-permanent cosmetic make-up.

We also provide Beauty treatments at Stourbridge and Beauty Treatments at Enville as well as Medical Skin treatments for the removal of warts, skin tags, red veins and milea.

A team you can trust.We are at the forefront of aesthetic medicine and this is evident by the fact we are one of the first clinics to be accredited by Save face an independent regulator for the cosmetic industry. Tinkable use only products that have been clinically tested and proven.

Our team consists of fully qualified nurses prescribers, dentists and skin specialists who are professional members of their relevant regulating and organisational bodies, including the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC), Royal College of Nursing (RCN), British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), British Sclerotherapy Association or the Midlands Aesthetic Practitioners  Group.(MAPS).
Established in 2000 we have over 12 years experience and know exactly what these treatments mean to you, our patients. All our practitioners are full time practitioners, highly experienced and highly qualified: it's all we do.

Isn't it about time you put you first and put yourself in safe hands?

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Want brighter, younger-looking skin?

You don't have to undergo plastic surgery to improve your appearance and boost your confidence. Cosmetic dermatology is the middle ground between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery and is ideal if you want to fix an imperfection but want to avoid the risk and expense of surgery.

Reducing frown lines and crow's feet with  the use of toxin is the most popular treatment with in the UK and thousands of people have had amazing results and experiences with us.

We offer many, completely non invasive skin treatments with incredible results such as Micro-derma-brasion, Radio Frequency and Diathermy for the removal of facial veins. Our range of peels and skin products have been tried and tested over many years.

Enhance your natural beauty with our medical beauty treatments: 

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Facial Filler Treatment.

Facial Filler Treatment for the reduction of lines and wrinkles is exemely popular now, fillers come in a syringe of various amounts and various thickness and are used not only to reduce lines and wrinkles, but to add volume, change shape and enhance all areas of your face including lips. The most clinically tested and medically proven filler is Juvederm. Juvederm can be used in any part of the face and the most popular areas to be treated are, tear troughs, nose to mouth lines, lines from the mouth towards the chin and of course the lips. Juvederm can be used to add volume to the cheeks, to shape the jaw, to correct the nose and for many other concerns. Fillers are primarily used in the lower face. To find out more details on how dermal fillers work select treatments from the top menu on this page.

Muscle Relaxant Treatment.

For lines and wrinkles in the upper face the best treatment is offered from a toxin. Toxins have many brand names and all toxins are muscle relaxants.  Lines and wrinkles in the upper face are generally caused by muscle movement and activity. We create lines by frowning, laughing and by other expressions which cause muscle activity, so by reducing or preventing this muscle activity we prevent the frown lines and laughter lines from been created. Continued use of toxin reduce the strength of a muscle and the ability for that muscle to create lines or frowns. So, to summarise, Muscles cause us to frown and toxins, remove the ability of the muscle to create a frown. Lines across the forehead, crows feet and vertical frown lines between the eyebrows are the most popular areas of treatment. At your free consultation you can decide to have anyone of these areas treated or you may decide to have all three areas. Tinkable also provide a 24 hour contact number after treatment and a free review of treatment, usually two weeks or so after treatment which allows us to examine your results and make any finer adjustments need. Your toxin treatment will last about three months and signs of it starting to wear away may appear a week or so before that. Tinkable offer two types of toxin and the suitability of these for you will be discussed at your consultation. To find out more just book a free consultation or visit "treatments" from the top menu.

TinkableTreatment Clinics.

Tinkable provide treatment clinics throughout the West Midlands. You can view our clinics in detail from the top menu or just simply book online or if you would like to speak to the location directly then just follow the link to our clinics location page. Below is a quick summary of our most active locations.

Facial Filler and Treatment Clinic in Stourbridge.

This is our lead clinic and appointments are always available, sometimes even with little notice or no appointment, although this cannot be garanteed. We have a number of medical practitioners offering treatments from laser hair removal, to Plate Rich plasma treatments. We have a team of beauty experts that not only offer routine beauty treatments with signature facials such as the chocolate facial, but they also offer Micro-derma brasion, Radio freqency, and many other treatments for nails and body.
Our nurses are experts in their field and all have over 10 years experience with the highest quality training possible and with constant updated education and skills training they are always at the top of their game. Facial Fillers and toxin treatments are by far our most popular treatments and we are proud of the results we have acheived with Juvederm since we were established in 2000.

Rachel Fox-Aesthetics Clinic in Enville.

Rachel Fox is the owner of Tinkable and in 2012 she set up her own private Tinkable Clinic in the village of Enville, about half way between Stourbridge and the market town of Bridgnorth. Enville is a quite tranquill village with hill walking, horse riding and farming been the main activities. Parking at enville is ample and the clinic itself is set in a 15th centry listed cottege set right in the middle of the village. Rachel provides an aboundnace of facial aesthetics and has been providing these services for over 15 years now.